Lila Drew – Crystal Ball

Last month Lila Drew deliver a true pop hit in the making with 2023, a track dealing with the fear that comes from the predictability of life and how you might forever be trapped in a cycle of doing the things you hate in order to survive. Her ability to weave poetic lyrics between these booming pop beats was something to be admired, but it’s not surprising her lyrical wordplay is so top notch with her currently thriving at Yale University. However today she’s removing the large scale production and focusing on a more intimate ballad. Yes with a production that’s reminiscent of Skinny Love by Bon Iver, her latest release Crystal Ball has her look deep into what the future holds with a flurry of delicately placed lyrics that elegantly dance their way into your psyche and leave you with countless questions you’ll continue to ask yourself long after the tracks finishes playing. Her celestial vocal blends into the intimate production beautifully, but it’s the relatable lyrics that are the true star of the show that will pierce through countless listeners with how close to home they hit, “Comfort in the in-between / And I’ll be different, just static.”

Heartbreakingly beautiful, tenderly poised and emotional powerhouse that leaves devastation wherever her poetic lyrics are found, Lila Drew’s talent with the quill is awe-inspiring. I’m no psychic but my crystal ball sees wonderful things in this young artist’s future.

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