Porsh Bet$ – Peanut Butter


I never thought I’d see a peanut allergy be used as a metaphor in a song but the 21 year old Harlem native Porsh Bet$ made it a reality with clever lyrical flourishes that made me wonder why someone hadn’t come up with this analogy before! His artistic prowess comes out in full force today with Peanut Butter playing on the idea of wanting things you cannot have, just saying again how much I adore this concept. His smooth vocal spreads itself across the crisp production to make the enticing hooks all the more memorable as a barrage of immersive melodies grab a hold of you and pull you head first into his vulnerable, anxious, and honest world.

Having dropped out of college two months into his course after realising it wasn’t for him, his self expressive music shows how much of a good choice that was. His determination to thrive in this industry is admirable and with his debut EP I Used To Think Forever coming out this year I have no doubt he’ll continue to thrive with his poignant music about his own growing pains.

“When I wrote it I was definitely just kinda daydreaming about the most perfect scenario – you know, with a girl and a fancy car on a nice day,” Porsh explains. “Cause I’m allergic to peanut butter I really shouldn’t be near it, but it sucks because everyone else loves it! It looks good, but once I get too close, I get nauseous. I think of it like this – sometimes being left out is a good thing.”

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