The Last Dinner Party – Nothing Matters


This isn’t just any dinner party, this is one featuring a starter courtesy of Marco Pierre White, a main course provided by Gordon Ramsay and a dessert from Jordi Roca. It’s a sensation for the taste buds in the same way The Last Dinner Party is a tantalising affair for your ear drums. Comprised of singer Abigail Morris, bassist Georgia Davies, keyboardist Aurora Nishevci and guitarists Lizzie Mayland and Emily Roberts, the band have been firm favourites in London’s music scene. Regularly doing multiple shows at legendary venues, even getting some opening slots for Nick Cave and The Rolling Stones… all without have any music released.

Without dropping a single song this idiosyncratic band have cultivated a loyal following who’ve become enamoured by their sound. If you’ve seen this band live then you’ll know exactly why, their shows are electric and their connection with the crowd makes their shows a spiritual experience for everyone. If that doesn’t sell you that you need to attend one of their upcoming tour dates I don’t know what will. Oh wait I do, their debut single Nothing Matters.

A sophisticated pop tune inflected with theatrical touch, there’s a reason this band are one of the most hyped bands in the UK right now. The operatic vocals of Morris have a unique aura surrounding them, leaping in unexpected intervals with a sense of grandeur that makes the NSFW lyrics become almost poetic. The dramatic performance and majestic production have a gothic undertone to them, but then there’s a euphoric quality emanating from the voice. It’s a balance between dark and light that’s hypnotically beautiful, a baptism of a band who are ready to set the world alight.

The Last Dinner Party are unlike anything else. They are more than Michelin Star worthy for the sonic delights they’ve offered us.

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