Blusher – Backbone


A lot of break up songs are often written from the perspective of the artist being heartbroken or moving on or just figuring out what went wrong. The artist becomes the sun where everything revolving around the break up is focused in on them, creating an inward narrative to the music that’s made it a bit cliché over the years. Then the Melbourne based trio Blusher come through and decide their single focusing on the whiplash after a breakup, is going to be about the friends that help your through it.

Yes, this break up anthem is an ode to those friends who comfort you during those late nights of crying your eyes out, eating copious amounts of chocolate, taking you out to the pub to help you recover, and everything else in-between. It’s wrapped in melancholy but has euphoria running through its veins, a bittersweet single that’ll soundtrack nights where you just need your friends.

Backbone is about how heartbreak can empower friendships, forming bonds that you’ll be telling your children about as they get older. The 80’s themed production is addictively delightful, laying the foundation for the trio’s layered harmonies to bring their message of deep friendship, what the band was founded on, to the forefront. It’s a fierce number and the visuals add to that, taking influence from the ‘Choose Your Character’ games of the 80’s, even incorporating it into the choreography, that makes me smile from ear to ear.

Blusher are a trio everyone can look up to, they radiate positivity, female empowerment, and are building strong foundations for what could be a long career.

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