Allen Haley – Come On Back

2022 was a big year for many artists, but one who came out of nowhere was Allen Haley. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Haley dropped his debut single TAKEN BACK and the world took notice. Garnering high praise from countless musicians, curators, bloggers, and fans from across the music world, he even got called up to be on an Arden Jones track as a result of that debut. After those two releases he’s taken his time, working behind closed doors on something close to his heart and is now releasing into the world. Amidst the abyss of public opinion regarding his sound we have only one thing to say… Haley isn’t playing around with his sophomore single. He means business.

Continuing his momentum in 2022 into 2023, Come On Back is more of Haley’s sound but with a more refined craft to it. A mix between his addictive vocals singing compelling hooks you’ll be humming under your breath for weeks, followed up with his slick rapping that drifts between the funk driven beats. The track clocks in at just over a minute and half long, but that’s all we need to get reinvested in his impeccable sound. There’s no doubt in my mind, Allen Haley is a name we’re going to be seeing a lot of this year.

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