Arrows in Action – Head in the Clouds


“I’m just gonna stay high / I Think I’m gonna be alright / Every day a little more alive / With all that I leave behind,” ever since I heard Arrows in Action’s track Head in the Clouds I’ve been completely unable to get it out of my head. The single will easily pull anyone out of a bad mood with the infectious joy the upbeat melodies offer. Seriously it’s like a warm hug when you’re surrounded by snow, despite the conditions you feel at ease knowing someone is there with you.

If you remember the summer anthems that came around during the early 2010’s then this single will bring back all sorts of nostalgia for you. The choral chants mixed with the inclusive claps, I can already see a stadium of people doing this in the future, bring back vivid memories of your adolescent summers where these singles would play on the radio all the time. From The Mowgli’s to Grouplove, this sound screams the whimsical summers of this era and the joy it radiates is completely infectious.

So what are you waiting for? Summer is just around the corner, so turn your speakers on, grab the aux cord, blast Arrows in Action out, and start your summer off on the right note. It’s the happiness amidst a sea of sadness that we all need.

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