Jack Omstead – Cookie Monster

Throughout 2020 the Dutch born but now Toronto based musician Jack Omstead has been releasing music he penned in his 12ft square bathroom storage room, which isn’t too different to his High School days where he used to record his vocals in his little sister’s closet. As the year went on Omstead saw himself grow a loyal following, he even managed to get a song to go semi-viral on Tik Tok with his introspective lyrics and rather addictive melodies, but in Cookie Monster he’s created a love song that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

If you’re a Sesame Street fan then this is the love song for you, imagine someone saying they like cookie’s but like you just as much? It’s the stuff dreams are made of! The buoyant synths create a playful atmosphere that’s further complimented by the lyrics introducing us to the whole cast of Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch before Omstead delivers the hook, “I like my cookies but I also like you,” which you’ll be singing under your breath for many weeks to come. Today’s letter of the day is ‘J’ as in Jack Omstead has filled us with joy with this wonderful single.

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