Teezo Touchdown – 5 O’Clock

Teezo Touchdown is a once in a generation artist. He’s a visionary who makes sure every part of his brand is used to best of its capabilities. Look at the rollout for his past two singles, it’s a mixture of genius marketing and audience interaction that gets all his fans hyped for what’s about to drop, but also encourages others get invested in what he’s going to do next. He’s an eclectic artist who’s sound is distinct to only himself, especially since you never truly know what you’re going to get with him. It could be hip, it could be alt rock, it could even be a slick acoustic ballad, he’s that unpredictable.

The young wunderkind has also had an obscene amount of co-signs. Everyone from Tyler The Creator all the way to Rico Nasty have been singing his praises. He’s on another level entirely, and with his debut album rumoured to be coming out later this year, it’s only a matter of time before the world catches on.

His latest single 5 O’Clock is one of Teezo’s best yet. Flipping between two styles, going from the flamboyant and grandiloquent performance we’ve come to expect from him, to a laidback melodic approach featuring a hook that’s impossible to forget. The transition is smooth as can be, and can be missed if you’re not paying attention, but the flow into it is sublime. Then you’ve got the visuals, that are both funny to watch and help get across the bonkers, over the top personality that everyone’s come to expect from him.

Once again, it’s another touchdown for Teezo.

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