Monto – EMAILS

Artists get their inspiration from a plethora of different sources. Ranging from exploring the vast wilderness to get life experiences that can transcend into their songwriting, spending quality time with family to gain a stronger connection to their routes, or even delving into the music culture of other countries to discover sonic structures that would be consider otherworldly in the western world. The latter is part of the secret behind Monto’s abrasive brand of alternative hyperpop. His longtime interest in manga and Japanese animation shines through his visual world (see the cover art), but it’s the world of J-Rock that’s found its way into his soundscape and made it utterly insatiable.

EMAILS starts off sounding like a traditional hyperpop single with a touch of a pop punk edge and subtle electronic flourishes, that is until the chorus hits and the track erupts into life with invigorating guitar riffs and booming drums that reverberate through your body. With the skill of a seasoned performer, his voice is able to flip between the translucent crooning of the verses and the outpouring of fervent emotion that comes from the chorus. Allowing you to take a second to process your emotions before unleashing them in a cathartic hell storm that half the neighbourhood would hear! The crystalline melodies melt in with his evocative performance to build to a breathtaking finale that will be runaway hit at his live shows.

Must Read