Acacia – mommy

“Mommy Why don’t you want me.” As I heard this lyric for the first time my jaw dropped to the floor and I began to get teary eyed. Acacia unloads her mommy issues in her debut with such raw honesty that every lyric her passionate evocative vocal delivers packs an almighty emotive punch that queen of sad crying anthems Adele would be enamoured by. The narrative she weaves takes you through the emotional rollercoaster she’s been on with her mom, be it the therapy sessions where her mother didn’t want to hug her, traumatising moments they shared together and her feeling like a captive in her own home. Tissues are a must for this single because you’ll be crying your eyes out in no time.

The moment that made my jaw drop was her belting out the single like mommy, it’s reminiscent of when a kid cries out for their mother but it’s more in anguish over how she doesn’t want her. It’s absolutely heartbreaking with the pain being palpable as she places emphasis on lyrics like, “and it’s all my fault,” and “Do you ever hurt or cry or care I’m not around?” and thousands more that just broke me. This is a debut where you can proudly say, a star is born.

Must Read