Mazie – Sippy Cup

The transition from childhood to adulthood has been something that has fascinated many artists with each trying to add their own opinions into the swirling tank of chaos, anxiety and general mental health issues that come with the leap we all have to make eventually. I’ve heard hundreds of tracks take this on but Mazie’s track Sippy Cup is one of the most fascinating, interesting and downright unique takes I’ve ever seen on leaving adolescence behind. She adds a childlike wonder to the piece through this almost nursery rhyme like production that I can’t help but find myself falling for.

“Sippy cup really plays on the feeling of romanticising childhood and simpler times,” Mazie begins to explain. “The song really tries to capture the feelings of racing thoughts, anxiety, chaos — all the things I associate with transitioning into adulthood. Even though the lyrics are pretty heavy i still want to convey a sense of hopefulness and happiness through the upbeat whimsical production.”

The charming production mixed with the sweet vocals of Mazie gives me an air of Melanie Martinez but with a more jubilant feeling going through the track, despite the rather thought provoking lyricisms. It’s a mischievous affair that captures that magical wonder of childhood whilst simultaneously encapsulating the panic of being an adult. Mazie is an idiosyncratic artist who’s got something special in her sound, she’s a sugary sweet musician with a flair that is only going to glow brighter as time goes on.

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