John MacLane – I Don’t Want To Change You

John MacLane is everything I love about the new generation of creative musical talents. It’s expressive music where you feel the whole spectrum of human emotion through a simple electronica riff from his production as the warped vocals deliver the poignant lyrics in such a way that you’ll be left contemplating parts of your own life you never thought you’d question before. The best part is he’s managed to do all of that in only his debut, he’s only released one song and he’s got all that emotion through it, it’s absolute madness!

I Don’t Want To Change You I think goes down as one of the best debuts of 2020 for me, heck it might end up being the decade as I’m struggling to think of many songs that could top this. The mystical electronic production mixed with the ethereal majesty this whole track possesses is just utterly divine in every conceivable way and is everything I love about this new generation of talent. Keep an eye on this artist as he is going to do some great things!

Must Read