dayruins – warning ft. anvii

Dayruins writes music for when the world around us is falling apart. When nothing makes sense anymore, when everything collapses in devastating fashion, when words fail to explain what’s happening, her music is the shining beacon of hope that lights a path and allows us to navigate the disasters surrounding us. Her vulnerability is something to be admired, effortlessly conveying her innermost thoughts through her compelling storytelling that will leave you in awe of her spellbinding soundscape. She creates art born from tragedy and warning, featuring anvii, showcases the majesty of all of this. Both vocals beautifully capture the pain the narrative brings, each word tethers the innermost suffering they’re both experiencing with the whisper like vocal delivery to the anxiety they’re now going through. Whilst her music is often designed to get you through the anguish of suffering alone, it never makes you feel that. As she delicately croons in a casual manner with her softly toned voice you feel less isolated within your suffering, making the world around you slowly reform as each piece comes back together like a giant puzzle. She’s the missing piece between suffering and recovery.

This is her debut single but if you head on over to her soundclound you’ll see other spellbinding singles to soundtrack your healing process. Be it her mesmerising covers or heartache filled originals, dayruins is there to offer you a place of solace.

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