Benji Patterson – Monster

Horror films have always been a guilty pleasure of mine, the jump scares, the thrills and that spine tingling feeling when the psychotic horror you’re witnessing comes to life. I get that same chilling feeling whenever I listen to an ominous track from an artist that captures the same ideals that make horror movies so spectacular, be it somber piano melodies with creepy vocals or ones like Benji Patterson’s latest single titled Monster that is utterly outstanding.

“I wanted to incorporate elements that give the listener sensory details on what is happening,” Patterson begins to explain. “Growing up watching horror movies like, The Ring, Psycho and The Shining always sent chills down my spine so when I wrote monster I wanted to represent that same feeling and horror in the song.

The way those beats come into play is reminiscent of Woodkid with the way they propel you forward and make you want to run, makes sense with the whole track being about running from a monster. Patterson’s bombastic delivery mixed with his fiery flow and addictive lyrical hooks hit harder than a Floyd Mayweather punch and then you’ve got the subtle horror nuances that are featured throughout the single that make this a pure treat for all who want some good music this Halloween.

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