Hotel Apache – Dialtone


During my teenagers I spent a lot of my time watching and re-watching old movies, still do to this day, and one of my favourite directors had to be the legendary John Hughes as he created these magnificent coming of age movies that just captivated me and Hotel Apache’s music feels like it belongs in a John Hughes movie.

Today they released Dialtone an 80’s inspired dance anthem that is filled with an infectious rhythm, a vocal that is reminiscent of the late and great Michael Jackson and feel good vibes that will put a huge smile on your face. Their music has this magical and euphoric quality that makes every time you listen to it feel like a huge moment that will leave you with an unbridled sense of joy. Whether it be cooking your breakfast in the morning, dancing late at night in your pyjamas or traveling to work in the morning, this band knows how to create music that makes you feel like you’re in a John Hughes movie.

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