Keanu Bicol – i won’t run

We often live our lives for the validation of others, heck some people even base their whole career off of what other people have told them to do as opposed to following the path they most want to walk down. That sentiment is what encouraged Keanu Bicol to write his debut single i won’t run, an indie/alternative rock anthem designed to acknowledge the reality of this tough situation you get placed within and the hardships that come along with it. The nostalgia ladened soundscape casts your mind back to your youth when these behavioural traits first started to appear before propelling your forward into the modern era through a driving force of animated guitar riffs and a foot tapping percussion to match. His vocal walks a tightrope, managing to evoke the intimate emotion this state of affairs will often bring but also filling the chorus with his vibrant personality that makes the future, where this issue is no longer a reality, feel closer than ever before. Imagine the final few minutes of an A24 coming of age movie where the protagonist drives off into the distance without a care in the world about what anyone thinks and you’ve got the general idea of his sound. Heck, I blasted it out myself recently and lived my main character moment with it.

This Texas based musician is known for experimenting with genres, creating music that makes you cry, laugh, dance, and sing as he conveys stories that go in hand with every emotion on the human spectrum. His debut sets him apart from the crowd and is the perfect introduction to his sound.

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