anees – love is crazy

Most love songs venture into the cheesy territory of a commanding love ballad or over the top jovial productions, but in love is crazy the singer-rapper from DC anees avoids this entirely and instead crafts something that captures the joy of romance in an authentic way. With a sentimental narrative telling the story of how he met his wife, that feels like it could be apart of an early 2000’s Rom Com, it’s his own sincere way of saying how much he adores every part of her. You can feel the love he has for his wife radiating like the sun as he leaves listeners yearning for that something more or, if you’re in a happy relationship, jubilant that you’ve found a song that says exactly how you feel.

Lovebirds can rejoice with this song, although Valentines Day is long gone this is the number that encourages us all to do a small gesture to show our how partner how much we care about them. Whilst he’s falling head over heels for his wife, I’m falling head over heels for this sound and cannot get enough of this sweetly toned loved up affair.

“This song is for the lovebirds. For the people who fall passionately where their heart leads them. Ten years ago, my heart lead me toward my wife and these lyrics tell the story. There isn’t anything i wouldn’t do in the pursuit of a love so eternal as ours. I hope this song encourages others to yearn for a love that lasts”.

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