Pretty Jane & The Magazines – Too Few Tattoos


I feel like I can speak for the majority of us when I say we’re all constantly looking for our next favorite folk artist that falls in the same pocket as the likes of The Lumineers, The Backseat Lovers, and Shakey Graves. With the introduction of this song, I feel like that part of my soul has finally been satisfied. 

Pretty Jane & The Magazines’ single Too Few Tattoos is an anthem that fits perfectly in a hangover recovery playlist, and equally so in a reflective (and granola) morning playlist. The use of unabashedly clear visuals where the muse for this song blows smoke into your eyes and treats you poorly, leaving you to think again if you have been making the right decision of pursuing this girl. The lyrical exploration allows us to embrace the fleeting emotions of our past loves through a slightly yellowed and wishful lens. It also speaks to the hopeless romantic in all of us that constantly looks for hyper-specific qualities, this time around listing off desired traits like the way the writer wants to be treated, and for someone with enough tattoos and a poor sleep schedule to match their own. 

And not to be the explorer of the glaringly obvious, but I would like to know how many tattoos the band would qualify as too few, with my own personal decision being between three to four. Either way, let this stunning track be your sign to dive deeper into their music, as well as into your search engine to look up your closest tattoo shop, and possibly even into the messages of your budding love interest.

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