DRAMAS – Bloodbath


If you’ve heard of the Viennese duo DRAMAS then you’ll know of their love for unconscious opposites, the ability to take things that are so contradictive or dissimilar to one another and wrap them up together in a mesmerising fashion to the point where the polar opposites become entirely complimentary of one another. You can see this through a plethora of their songs where they take heavy electronics mixed with pulsating beats before placing the delicate vocal of Viktoria Winter on top to make something rather captivating that is akin to Billie Eilish.

Bloodbath is their latest release that takes these ideology they thrive upon and pushes it to the next level with a looping deep beat that gets your head bopping along in no time as the foreboding atmosphere they bring wraps itself around you as the rhythm begins to take over. The thought provoking lyrics add another layer to the piece with a message that’ll stay with you long after the song finishes playing whilst further enhancing the surreal and subtly grotesque aesthetics the music video brings to the table.

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