Weston Estate – So Good

As of late Bossanova has been making a massive comeback in the music world. Artists from far and wide have been adding their own flavour to the iconic sound, bringing it into the contemporary world through a variety of different settings that’s resulted in the world-renowned genre getting even more attention. Weston Estate are the latest act to do their own take on this sound, infusing it with their alternative pop sound with an 80’s influenced synth featured throughout that’s kind of reminiscent of the Stranger Things intro and we’re 100% here for it.

So Good walks a tightrope, balancing between a vulnerable melancholia, showcased through their introspective lyrics combined with their empathetic vocal performance, and an uplifting production filled with sunkissed melodies melting into a throbbing bassline. It’s different to a lot of the band’s previous material but still manages to stay true to their sonic ethos, meaning fans of old will still be swooning over their luscious melodies and newer fans will be ready to dive right into their discography to discover exactly what they’ve been missing. It’s hard not to have a sweet spot for Weston Estate because they create music that’s so damn loveable and, as the track says, So Good.

“This song embodies new beginnings. We are entering a new chapter in our lives, and this song was born out of foreign emotions and inspiring travels. Finding ourselves in LA for the first time, we were looking for new experiences. We turned to Val and Trevor from Fiji Blue to help us create a bossanova-infused, classical pop song.”

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