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PREMIERE: The 5:55 release the alternative pop stadium anthem “Truth”


For the past few years now The 5:55 have been proving themselves to be ones to watch with their brand of alternative pop earning them the pleasure of sharing the stage with the likes of Imagine Dragons, The Black Eyed Peas and even Jesse McCartney. Now today they’ve given us the honour of premiering their alt pop anthem Truth which is destined to be a stadium anthem for the ages.

Featuring an addictive bass melody that gets your foot tapping along to the track in a matter of seconds, slick guitar licks that you’ll find yourself humming along to after one listen and a chorus that I can just envision a stadium full of people singing along to. It’s a electric track that is the definition of an anthem with lyrics diving into how our vices, such as alcohol, are used as an escape route for our life with them flipping between the lyrics “back out” and “black out” to emphasise this even further. It’s perfect for long car rides and late night sing alongs, get into this track now!

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