An artists debut is always the most important single that they’ll ever release because it’s what introduces their sound to the world, it’s the start of their journey and if starts off on the wrong foot then it can sometimes be an uphill climb to get back on track. Luckily for the German artist Andreas Vey he managed to hit it out of the proverbial ball park with his passionate and tender debut single titled The One.

“I had a breakdown and moved to Berlin to begin again. Somehow it started with a clutch of failures and setbacks. I couldn’t find a place to stay and worked in twenty or more different daily jobs and finally my girlfriend broke up with me.” explains Andreas “I was pretty lost and disillusioned and I wandered through the city a lot at that time. I remember being pretty overwhelmed by the hectic of the city and all the different impressions while I was seeking refuge and solace. I decided to write a song that starts right at the heart of the city on Potsdamer Platz and creates a little parallel universe. Like a little, dreamy movie that makes you escape all the madness for a moment and float away…It’s a song about loss and longing yet about hope and solace at the same time.”

Vey’s vocal just breathes heartfelt emotion with each tender note he delivers oozing melancholy sadness to point where you each lyrics begins to hit you harder and harder. The production helps elevate the crestfallen nature of the single too with that soft piano melody, sorrowful harmonies and somber violins all coming together to create this truly heartbroken yet somehow uplifting sound. It’s a tearjerker for sure and by the end of it you’ll find yourself reaching for the tissues.

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