With break ups we all experience them in different ways but when I listen to Louis Coupe’s latest single, which is inspired by his own break up, I can’t help but feel all that emotion and pain coming back to me through is poetically poignant lyricisms. Pale Me brings back that immediate sense of anxiety, the uncertainty of if you were the problem, wondering if they’ll ever want to see you again and whether they would take back all their feelings for you if they were given the chance now.

Euphony, there is no other way of describing this track in my eyes. Coupe’s vocal is bursting with heartfelt passion that makes every individual lyric hit you with a wave of emotion that feels like the final blow in a prize winning fight. There’s such high levels of craftsmanship in this single too with the way the track builds being utterly spellbinding. It starts off whisper quiet like the solemn moments as you begin to process what has just happened before building to a climactic finale that is just a pure outburst of frustration and sadness as you finally realise what has just happened. It’s outstanding, simple as that.

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