We all have a routine, whether it be the time we get up to eat, exercise or just begin work, we all have a way of doing things throughout the day. It’s a cycle that we can easily get stuck in that can ultimately define us and sometimes all we need to do is notice our routine to finally break free from the endless patterns we experience. Well that’s exactly what Limón Limón’s latest single titled Routine is all about and how we can all make changes for a better future for ourselves.

There’s the insatiable rhythm to this single that is hard to ignore with that funky guitar melody mixed with the lush bass easily getting my foot tapping along and then when that’s mixed with those dynamic drum beats it’s damn near irresistible. With the lyrics holding a poignant message about breaking out habitual nature and some chilled out yet emotionally heartfelt vocals delivering them perfectly. This is a track to groove along to and consider making small life changes to.

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