LA based singer, songwriter and all around incredible artist Luna Shadows has been consistently hitting it out of the ball park as of late with her previous singles lowercase, god.drugs.u, practice and millenia all being utterly divine singles. She never misses a trick and she continues her hot run of form today with Palm Springs, featuring fellow LA native In.Drip, that sees her take her DIY ethos to construct an expansive vision of L.A.’s glamour and decay.

There’s a sense of grandeur to this track with the hazy quality of the honey drizzled vocal harmonies and the magnificence of the hauntingly beautiful production that gives this track a certain flair that is utterly compelling. This is a song that is made for long drives down the coast with the top down of your car, sunglasses on ready to tan, hair blowing through the breeze and this just blaring out through the speakers. Luna Shadows has done it again and it’s not hard to see why so many people love her sound.

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