Paris-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and artistic Yehan Jehan is one of the most fascinating artists to come around in recent years with his brand of avant garde pop being utterly divine and when you mix it with his artistic aesthetic then you’ll soon find his music is a treat for both the ears and eyes. Today he’s dropped the elegantly melancholic and hypnotically beautiful track Nothing To Prove, which also serves as the opening track of his new EP Earth Arrangements Vol.2.

The vocals of this single have an emotionally honest yet incredibly raw quality about them which is the perfect contrast to the more dreamy and otherworldly production that backs it. However my favourite part about this song is that glorious saxophone solo, it just adds another layer to the sonic texture of the track to give it that extra bit flavour and enthralling quality that just grabs you the instant it’s heard and makes you never want to let go of it.

If you love this track then be sure to check out the new EP which Jehan explains “continues from the same lineage and theme exploration as its predecessor. The title embodies the idea of the sociological tectonic plates of the planet. We’ve been aware of its natural state and history for aeons, yet our own environment is highly unpredictable and continuously challenging.”

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