Mere Raj – Touch

Always love an artist who’s name is a pun, jokes aside North Carolina artist Mere Raj was unearthed back in 2020 where his melodic rap debut Sangria caught the attention of countless music influencers and even got featured on the Madden 21 soundtrack. The 23 year old didn’t stop there though, no, he continued to develop his craft which led him to tackling his sound from all angles being able to write, produce and perform his music. He’s the modern definition of a D.I.Y artist and when you combine that with his standout voice, it’s hard to wonder why he hasn’t blown up even further.

Touch is his latest single and it’s best described as the perfect song to play on those late night drives down the motorway where the passing lights and foreboding darkness adds to the ambience the luscious production manages to create. The deep brooding synths create an ominous air throughout as his spritely vocal dances over it all with a dynamic flow delivering the punchy lyrics with such prowess that it’s hard to ignore the budding talent of Mere Raj any longer. One for the future and definitely one to keep an eye one, dive into his music now, you won’t regret it.

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