DNL – ppl plsr


If you enjoy chilled indie tracks with influence from R&B then you need to be listening to DNL. The young artist from Gate City, Virginia has been inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean, Dominic Fike, and John Mayer bringing us his own unique take on these styles. As a huge fan of both Dominic Fike and Frank Ocean I can assure you DNL will fit your vibe if you enjoy their music! His recent release “ppl plsr” is a beautiful melodic production with a melancholy story, telling us of young love and trying to please others yet it never seeming to be enough. 

This track is one you might find on a bedroom pop playlist or any chilled out indie assortment. It’s a dreamy tune with a nice balance of upbeat moments and soft captivating vocals. Not too slow, not too fast, the perfect pace for a little love song. You could play this on a late drive, on a walk in the park, or at home when you just want to relax with some music in the back. DNL’s voice is truly amazing he’s found a style the suits him well and brings the best out of him. I’d love to hear a song like this live, the way he manipulates his vocals brings so many layers to the music. 

The title of the track speaks to the subject matter of the story, DNL’s firsthand experience with being a “people pleaser”. DNL has found music to be an outlet for him and sharing personal experiences was a big driving factor in becoming an artist. He does a good job of balancing personal stories with general subjects that listeners can relate to while hearing the genuinty of what he’s speaking about. DNL is using music as a catalyst for sharing positivity with his listeners and helping people feel less a lone with each track. 

This is DNL’s first track on major streaming platforms and I’m so excited to be listening from the beginning of this journey. There is so much potential for DNL’s career and I can’t wait to watch him grow. Start with “ppl plsr” and stay tuned for what’s to come! Keep up with DNL’s journey on socials and add this track to which playlist you deem fit!

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