flipturn – Playground

One thing you’re never taught about as you grow up is when your childlike joy and innocence will simply evaporate. It doesn’t happen overnight but happens slowly as your grow older, soon things become less shiny, the world feels less vibrant, everything loses that whimsical wonder and when you finally realise what’s happened to you it makes you yearn for that time again. The weight of the world is on our shoulders like Atlas it keeps pushing us down, but all we want to do is go back to that time as we look back on it with rose tinted glasses and envision the world in technicolour, not the sepia we’ve become accustomed to. That mixture of sobering thoughts on adulthood and childlike wonder is perfectly fused together in this track.

Flipturn’s latest release Playground is a marriage of joy and melancholy. Whilst the poetic styling of the lyrics have us beautifully reflecting on a time we once took for granted with the sobering reality of adulthood sinking in, the production is filled with jubilance that you’ll soon find it hard not to dance like a child once again. That’s what makes this single truly work, it manages to show the conflict we have in ourselves during our adult life. On the one hand we’re consistently feeling like we must act a certain way or be serious in this world, but on the other all we want to do is have a moment of freedom where we act like we’re children once again. beautifully done and elegantly portrayed.

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