Slide – Keep Shining

We’ve spoken before about how much we admire the Swedish duo Slide and their unique ideology of combining he spirit of punk and applying it to brash hip hop beats and pop hooks all whilst maintaining a rock flair. To make strides in the music industry and do something no one else is doing you’ve got to break the rules and that’s what they do on a regular basis in their music, whether it be shifting numbers like Hello Spirit or warm sweeping tracks like Keep Shining.

Speaking about their new release, the duo said, “We felt like young people nowadays, including us, spend a lot of time worrying about the future and growing up and making money and stuff like that. And we don’t really have the answers either so we’re pretty much just singing to ourselves saying “keep going it’ll all make sense at some point.'”

The meaning behind the track is insanely accurate, young people be it teenagers or early 20’s are often meandering through life trying to understand what they’re meant to be doing and panicking that they’re not doing anything right but as the duo say we’ve just gotta keep going. The lushly textured soundscape is divine with the hip hop beats coming into full effect as their vocals juxtapose this perfectly to create a multifaceted dynamic that represents their sound to a tee.

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