Alec Benjamin is one of the most outstanding singer songwriters I’ve listened to in many years with his ability to tell a tale effortlessly and his vocals adding a wonderful charm to all his records it’s hard not to like his music. One thing that may shock you is that he actually got dropped from Columbia Records a few years ago and that is absolutely crazy to me considering every track he’s released has been beautiful.

Today he’s released the music video for his track If We Have Each Other and like the track the video is simple yet poignant. Benjamin weaves us a beautiful narrative in each verse about a different person which the music videos focuses on but it was ending verse where he addresses his sister that hit me. With me and him being the same age and both having sisters it makes sense that these lyrics would hit me the hardest, “I’m 23, and my folks are getting old, I know they don’t have forever and I’m scared to be alone, So I’m thankful for my sister, even though sometimes we fight, When high school wasn’t easy, she’s the reason I survived, I know she’d never leave me, And I hate to see her cry, So I wrote this verse to tell her that I’m always by her side.” It’s something that is so poetic and if you have a sibling it’s something you will probably be able to relate to.

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