In 2015 Philadelphian CAPPA introduced herself to the world in a glorious pop bang and the young artists hasn’t stopped impressing us since. With glorious synth pop anthems like Next Ex, unique takes on classic tracks like No Scrubs and her sweet collaborations with the likes of West Coast Massive and Landon Austin. She has been consistently brilliant and that continues with her latest track.

I Got It is a true pop gem that has a great throwback sound reminiscent of 90’s anthems by the likes of legendary Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears and Fergie, to name but a few. Something I love about some of CAPPA’s newer tracks is the amount of sass she puts into her vocals and this one is the epitome of full blown sass that makes you want to sing it out loud in your bedroom with the hairbrush in her hand. A true indie pop icon who’s music is perfect for any event and any occasion.

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