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It’s rare in modern music that you hear a powerful, commanding vocal that enthrals you from the very first note all the way to the last note but that is exactly what singer songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews has done. The Phoenix native has been releasing music since 2011 and has been touring long before that with the likes of Jimmy Eat The World as well as doing her own busking tour across the West Coast. She never stopped working and it’s really paying off with her intoxicating music.

Her latest track, Heart and Mind, starts off with an alluring guitar melody before the commanding, raw, emotive vocals of Andrews come in and send shivers down my spine in an instant. It’s the type of track that takes me back to classic country tracks that take you on these emotional journeys through captivating vocals and passionate lyrics. The track was written by Andrews as a way to lift up women of the world who’ve been broken, abused or beaten and the music video she shares shows this unbreakable bond all women have.

“I wrote this song the morning after the women’s march in 2016. I wrote it to uplift all my sisters who have been abused, battered, broken, or beaten. I also compiled a video with footage of mother & daughters from all around the world to glorify the most unbreakable front and bond, motherhood and sisterhood.” – Courtney Marie Andrews

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