Dagny – Somebody

After almost fours years of waiting it’s finally been announced that the Norwegian pop cult icon Dagny will finally be releasing her debut album in September 2020. It’s been a long time coming but that album is set to be a real treat for the ears, especially if she’s delivering shimmering pop anthems that slowly become dance-floor fillers like Somebody.

“It’s the all-consuming and exciting feeling when everything is still new,” Dagny explains. “I’ve been lucky to experience it. I find that when I’m in love I feel everything ten times more than usual. With ‘Somebody’ for me it’s not just the lyrics but the whole vibe of the song that represents that: when I listen to it I get a lot of positive energy and I just wanna throw myself into something new and exciting.”

It’s the epitome of what falling in love should feel like, it’s a colourful explosion of colour that gives you a rush of euphoria with you feeling pure joy by the mere mention of that persons name. Dagny’s pristine and jubilant vocal soars over the majestic production featuring these bubbly synths that come to life during the chorus turning this into a dance anthem in no time at all. It’s pop music at it’s finest which makes her debut album even more appealing.

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