Trousdale – Wouldn’t Come Back

Back in 2020 Trousdale became known for their folk driven cover of The Beach Boys classic Wouldn’t It Be Nice, however it’s their original music that has left fans in awe over the past few months. Their message has always been about love and acceptance whilst simultaneously empowering younger women to do more than they could’ve ever imagined through their passionate lyrics and evocative storytelling that is reminiscent of icons like Taylor Swift in her latest critically acclaimed albums Folklore and Evermore.

Wouldn’t Come Back puts their gossamer harmonies at the centre of everything, each of their heartfelt vocals melt into one another in glorious euphonic style as the tender production, comprised of subtle country driven guitars and emphatic drums, creates an intimate atmosphere for you to get lost in. They draw you in as their ardent lyrics allow you to envision the sonic world they’ve created, a lush green meadow at sunset with a gentle breeze blowing through your hair as you slowly walk off into the sunset as they deliver a breathtaking climax.

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