Lou Elliotte – Best You’ve Ever Had

Sweden is slowly but surely becoming to the pop capital of the world with countless new future pop icons emerging from the country after Zara Larsson’s meteoric rise to global superstardom and it looks like Lou Elliotte could be the next big thing to come from the country. Having already made waves in her native country through the band Estraden, scoring multiple number one hits, she’s now venturing into the world as a solo artist and she wastes no time in showing off her pop prowess with her debut single Best You’ve Ever Had being a buoyant mid tempo number that will get your foot tapping in a matter of seconds before you find yourself humming along to the melodic hook.

As the vivid melodies and scintillating synths begin to take flight you’ll find yourself joining Elliotte on this journey that sees her ravishing the joy of knowing her ex-partner has yet to move on from her whilst simultaneously knowing how bad it is to feel this way and soon realising that it’s because she still has her own attachments to him. This is pure pop at it’s finest with Elliotte’s characteristic vocal being the centre piece of the track and making us excited for what else she has to offer.

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