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Tash Sultana is an artist who’s continuously been absolutely extraordinary, she never fails to impress with every single song that she releases showing a new side to her that just makes you fall more in love with her. She just flourishes when she’s singing and her latest single Pretty Lady is a prime example of this with her injecting a bit of joy and happiness into all of our places of isolation.

“I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this song for 6 years,” Sultana explains. “I used to loop it and just freestyle to it when I was busking years ago but I always got stuck on the same parts. I put the song in a box at the back of my mind and revisited it in November 2019. I had Dann Hume and Matt Corby spend some time in my studio and that’s when I decided to show them this song. It’s my first song I’ve collaborated with other players on.”

This track is a pure joy to listen to, as the track begins to go on you can’t help but smile from ear to ear and just laugh. The production has such an uplifting quality to it with the happy-go-lucky guitar melodies making me want to sway from side to side and the groove from the bass only adding to this nature further. Then you’ve got the music video that shows a whole range of people dancing in solidarity with one another in their own places of isolation and it’s just the cherry on top of this gorgeous single.

Tash said: “The idea behind the video was to really inject some joy and fun into people’s places of isolation, but also to highlight the diversity of spaces and places and show that we are all in this moment in time together, dancing in solidarity.”

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