Cry Baby – Singing For You


Back in 2021 Cry Baby were releasing music that was bathed in 90’s pop. Taking influence from the likes of the Backstreet Boys with their catchy hooks polymerising with the sweet vocals, Boyz II Men layered harmonies that melted like butter over the soundscape and even an energy that would bring them head first into the modern era. However with their next release they decided it was time for a shake up, add a new ingredient into their concoction of 90’s pop culture memorabilia by leaping headfirst into the era of alternative rock from the same era. If you had to describe it it’d be like taking the vocals of No Doubt and instilling it with a bit of P!NK flair.

Singing For You is our introduces us to this new era in pure style. Whilst most artists transitions into new territories can feel awkward at first, Cry Baby seems completely at home in their new surroundings. Delivering punchy guitar riffs and zestful drums, you’ll immediately want to stand up, grab your nearest hairbrush, and belt out the chorus to your hearts content. The authoritative vocals command your attention, encouraging you to enrapture yourself within this song until you’re blasting it out in the car and telling your friends they need to get onto this.

“‘Singing For You’ is the first single off our upcoming record and also the first song we wrote for it. This track was the moment that ‘clicked’ for us with bringing Cry Baby into the alternative rock world. Our live shows have always captured that heavier energy, but we wanted our music to also reflect that. Its computer forward, glitchy and digital while being a four chord rock song at the end of the day. This was so refreshing for us because we finally got to express this side of us we never felt we could before.”

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