Fran Vasilić – Television / So Far So Good


We rarely feature covers on this channel, but when we do it’s often because on first listen we think it’s an original because of how the artist has elegantly shifted the original’s sonic palette to fit their own unique vision. Fran Vasilić did that with the release of Television / So Far So Good, an infamous Rex Orange County song that’s seen a massive revival thanks to Vasilić unorthodox take on a fan favourite track. Reminiscent of Mac DeMarco, Vasilić has a warm inviting energy that draws you into his lo fi world where everything appears to have a nostalgic tinge that fills you with an overwhelming sensation of joy. His distinct vocal channels high amounts of charisma that’s akin to a well seasoned performer making a regular tour stop at a sold out festival, and when that’s combined with his passionate performance that make the lyrics feel like they’ve come straight from his mind, then it’s no wonder he went viral on Tik Tok with this. You’d think this was written by Rex for Vasilić himself, but no he’s just that good of an artist.

I highly recommend diving into the back catalogue of Fran Vasilić, you’ll be inundated with lo-fi, nostalgia ladened, bedroom pop tracks that are as sweet as can be. Plus they make any journey into work or school feel like a marvellous adventure where the world around you is teeming with life and unrivalled beauty.

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