Jojomber – think too hard

The story Joe shares in ‘think too hard’ is one of hope and acting on impulse with a girl he had an interest in, and how it can lead to even worse repercussions than you thought when you don’t think past the moment you’re in. Jojomber paints the story of when he allows himself to be a rebound for someone who only needed him for the night, and once he wakes up out of the haze he realizes he cares about her more than he initially realized. He downplays how he feels in the lyrics by saying it only felt alright, but eventually admits that he hopes she changes her mind like he did because he knows that it will be a difficult road to get over her. 

Being a fellow Ohio native I can distinctly see elements of ‘midwest emo’ music that is known to come from our area, but with Joe’s move to NYU in mind you can hear a culmination of his Ohio upbringing and the upcoming NYU scene that can be relatable for those of us who draw influences both from our hometown and big city culture, which is something he directly addresses in the track by saying one of the reasons he moved away was to find some clarity. 

This song has been on constant repeat for me since I was first graced with a listen a few days before writing this, and it somehow manages to sound equally painful and beautiful no matter what time of day I listen to it.

Must Read