pj frantz – leave this party

Before listening to this track, let’s set the scene. A couple months ago you went through a really rough break up, your partner dumped you seemingly out of the blue when you were head over heels for them, and you’re trying to get back to normal. You go out with friends, meet new people, and go back to a world where you’re able to live without thinking about them all the time. One night your friend invites you to a party, you go and are having the time of your life as Harry Styles playing in the background, and people do David Craig shots. Then, in a gut-wrenching turn of events, you see your ex making out with another person and all that work disappear in an instance. You run out, and the heartbreak feels fresh again.

That’s the story behind pj frantz’s new track leave this party, and he tells it like a long time narrator. Melancholia washes over you with the lullaby acoustic guitar riff projecting his intimate feelings of loneliness and loss, whilst his electronically altered vocoder voice reflects the thumping beats and produced nature of this party. It becomes a cauldron of swirling emotions, going from euphoric highs of moving on at this raucous party, to the indescribable pain of witnessing your ex move on so effortlessly. Your heart-strings get pulled as his raw, unadulterated storytelling takes you on a beautiful journey.

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