Liza Anne – Bummer Days


Liza Anne has been a prominent voice in the independent music scene for a while now with her using her platform in her latest musical offering, Bummer Days, to lend a voice to mental health self awareness. Through art rock guitar riffs, sassy vocal inflections and self deprecating lyrics, this single is all about her calling herself out for all the times she’s not looked after herself, which is perfectly expressed through the lyric, “Try, mess up, forgive yourself, try again.”

I started this song when I was visiting my parents in 2018,” Liza Anne explains. “I was reading through old poems and journal entries and circling the drain of my own sorrow stories, which felt like a bit of a wake up call. I have all these ideas of what taking care of myself looks like, but I tend to get in my own way. Bummer Days is me calling myself out. I am the only person who will take responsibility for my emotional and mental health.

It’s a new wave jam that captures the energy Liza Anne has always had but brings her music into a new era. With her Bad Vacation album coming out July 24th we’d highly recommend saving this one and be prepared to be amazed.

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