The Ensemble #7

I Want Poetry – Islanders

If you’re a fan of Florence Welch then the dream pop duo I Want Poetry are an act you’re gonna want to listen to. The pair having a grand theatrical sound to their music with powerful vocals to match that have an ethereal tone that makes you feel like you’re soaring. Islanders is dramatic in its nature, genuinely it’s one of those singles I really want to see performed live, with the compelling melodies and mystical atmosphere but also contains a message about unity and connection in a rapidly changing world, an anthem to the advocates of a better tomorrow.

Murielle – SO MUCH!

The Belgium born, Congolese American Murielle is a musician I’ve heard murmurs about from people within the industry but never had the chance to go and fully check out. Honestly I’m disappointed I waited this long to listen to her because her brand of alternative pop music as it’s a sonic experience I think everyone should partake in. Her vocal layerings add this special flair to the piece that makes the track just pop the second it starts with the thumping percussion section and subtle electronic flourishes creating a sonic soundscape that sets her apart from other artists out there in a grand way.

Qhairo – Blue Petals

Sexual explorations has become a common theme in a lot of artists music these days but there’s something about Qhairo’s take that is so much more earnest and, in a lot of ways, relatable that makes an instant connection happen. Blue Petals is a nostalgic ode to growth whilst still having a modern sound with the buoyant house beats, classic R&B vocal harmonies and a hip hop edge that is hard to ignore. The whole sound is adolescent angst mixed with a sense of longing that cannot be mistaken as any other sound, it’s solely his own and it’s hard to not get into it.

Genelle – Easy

One listen to easy and I was genuinely wondering why Genelle hasn’t been labelled as one of those big ones to watch with her infectious pop sound feeling like Ariana Grande mixed with the performative flair of Little Mix. Easy is something that could easily fit into the top 10 of any global chart with the addictive pop melodies, killer hooks and an insatiable rhythm that makes this something you could easily sing along to when chilling in the car with friends or belting out into your hairbrush alone in your room. One of those underrated pop gems that is well worth holding onto.

Maris – Elephant Skeleton

There’s something about mainly acapella tracks that I find so utterly captivating. They manage to feel so beautifully intimate whilst simultaneously capturing a high sense of emotion that you can’t get from any other style and Maris has only gone and built on that with how she’s crafted the soundscape in Elephant Skeleton. Opening with lush vocal harmonies before a somber piano melody and a mesmerising bass melody coming together in a euphonic clash that sends shivers across my body as her evocative vocal delivers these poetically poignant lyrics. A truly captivating piece from the 20 year old her.

littleDNGR – Brand New World

Debut singles are always a tricky thing because it’s essentially you introducing your sound to the world but the alt pop duo littleDNGR have made it seem easily with their debut. The sound they’ve developed is one part stadium anthems in the making, one part soundtrack to a CW show and another part brooding emotive balladeer, a weird combination but damn does this duo make it work. The soundscape is filled with these little touches that only enhance the musical love affair this track is delivering with a cinematic production and a bombastic youthful appeal that makes the whole piece feel like it belongs in a Greta Gerwig directed art house indie coming of age movie.

Jude The Obscure – Strong Enough

Jazz and Hip Hop have always been a match in heaven but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone do the two genres such insane amounts of justice as I have when I listened to Jude The Obscure’s debut single Strong Enough. He’s got an utterly divine vocal tone that suits this jazzy production perfectly with his poetic spoken word skills being just as grand with his delivery being up there with some of the best out there. This 24 year old is someone who I would love to see live with a full band on stage with him, it’d be one of those shows you’d never forget.

Imogen Mahdavi – Crowd of Thoughts

The vocal tones that Imogen Mahdavi possesses are some of the best in the pop world right now with it having this Duffy mixed with Billie Eilish feel that is down right gorgeous. Crowd of Thoughts is one of those songs that I find myself gravitating towards more and more after every listen with the brooding melodies, haunting vocal capacity and the poetic sensibility of the lyrics being hypnotising throughout the entirety of the piece. It’s one of those ones where to appreciate the full beauty of it you just have to turn the world off and lose yourself in her sonic soundscape.

Afflecks Palace – It All Comes Around

This Manchester quartet are impressing me more and more with every track they release with their shimmering pieces of psych rock with a dream pop twist that has been affectionately been named Nu-Madchester. Genuinely Afflecks Palace bring out this classic sound to their music that is reminiscent of Oasis and The Beatles during their glory days but they add this modern edge that makes their music undeniably addictive. It’s like someone took the 60’s and brought it into the modern and I am 100% here for that!

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