The Ensemble #19

FLØRE & Novaa – Rich Kids

FLØRE and Novaa are currently the quirky queens of the underground music scene right now with both artists possessing undeniably ethereal vocals that send you to a mystical place unlike any other, so a collaboration between the pair of them is utterly magical. The two combined has this cabalistic quality that is unmatched with the canticle nature of the chorus proving this instantly with the gracefully elegant production being the cherry on top of this dream collaboration we’ve all just witnessed.

Homage – Whitewash

Fans of M83 prepare to have your mind blown by the Southern California based multi-instrumentalist Homage who has entranced us with his cinematic sound in Whitewash. The swirling soundscape creates a vibrant kaleidoscope of spectral beauty with the harmonious synths melting into the glistening electronic flourishes as the fervent vocals pierce through it all whilst simultaneously making the lyrics seem all the more grand. Spellbinding stuff from this newly emerging artist.

Brandon Child – Balaclava

Brandon Child is one man pretending to be in a full band, well that’s what he told us when he submitted the track but the reality is he’s already his own fully-fledged artist with his debut showing some extreme promise that I could see many music heads getting into. His vocal has an undeniable earnest quality to it that makes his lyrics feel so candid and raw, you believe every word he is singing as if it was directly related to you and an instant connection is made as a result. There’s something in this musician that I highly recommend keeping an eye on.

MCK & Wells* – Better

Two rising pop artists collaborate with their vocals melting effortlessly together to create a harmonious sound that would make Oh Wonder jealous. That is the only real way of describing these two musicians collaboration as their vocals work beautifully together and as they tenderly croon the chorus of this track you can’t help but fall in love with the soundscape they’ve crafted. It’s the definition of euphony and I sincerely hope to see more these two both in their solo projects and hopefully collaborating as a duo.

Saint Christopher – Downhill

Despite featuring an array of electronic flourishes and somber synths within this single, there is something so organic about Saint Christopher’s sound that it makes you feel like you’re sat down in his living room listening to the artist lay his heart out to you. Whilst his music takes a lot of influence from iconic musicians like Bon Iver and Frank Ocean he manages to maintain this avant-garde sensibility to his soundscape that allows him to pave the way for his own sonic identity that sees him stand out amongst a sea of copycats. It’s a one of a a kind sonic experience that’s more than worth a listen.

Shiv – You and I

A lot of artists these days go with big bombastic productions mixed with addictive melodies and overpowering beats to get people to remember their sound but some of the best artists around right now are stripping all of that back and laying their soul bare for all of us to witness and Shiv is one of those artists. You and I is her most vulnerable track yet with heartfelt lyricisms sending shivers down my spine as her velvety smooth vocal wraps around you and refuses to let you go. It’s gorgeous in every way shape and form and is a testament to Shiv as a musician and a rising talent.

Liwa – Gifted

East London’s very own Liwa’s dancing career might of had to end due to injuries but luckily for us it’s allowed his music career to take flight with his earnest R&B sound infused with a subtle hip hop flair that allowed his candid lyricisms to be brought to life in an instant. This is a prime example of what East London’s finest musicians have to offer and this is only a taste of Liwa’s talent with his discography being filled with cracking tracks like this. Dive into it all and see for yourself.

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