The Ensemble #18

Jovian – 2 Young

For me the 90’s were always the golden era of the R&B genre with so many sensational tracks coming out during that time period as well as iconic musicians that to this day still have an ongoing impact on the world. Jovian’s sound is very much influenced by that time with him taking these nostalgic sounds that I adore and bring them into the modern era with his latest release 2 Young is a modern day slow jam that is baby making music at it’s finest. It’s The Weeknd mixed with flavours of Marvin Gaye and I’m loving every single moment of it.

Juice Menace – No Speaking

Wales has always had a strong music scene with the tiny country producing an array of talented artists over the years but Juice Menace is something else entirely with this Cardiff based musician bringing nothing but pure fire with every single one of her releases. It’s easy to see why there’s such a buzz around her with the fiery delivery of her slick bars, a hard-hitting yet buoyant production and an unwavering aggressiveness that grabs you and refuses to let go. No doubt in our mind that she’s going to pop off this year.

Wan – My Bedroom

Wan introduced himself to us by saying that he enjoys making music in his bedroom so we weren’t exactly surprised with the title of his latest track but damn were we hooked on his sound. Combining elements of hyper pop such as the distorted nature of his vocal with some subtle pop rock melodies through the enigmatic guitars and brooding nature that feels like its come straight off of a Post Malone recording it’s safe to say there’s no genre when it comes to his sound. It’s one of those tracks that you listen to with your eyes closed and just lose yourself in the sound.

almost sex – Knockoff

There’s something ridiculously charming about almost sex’s sound with their intimate folk sound mixed with their poetic lyrics managing to capture my heart in a matter of mere seconds. That’s kind of the point of their music though because they don’t need a huge production to make you take notice of them, no all they require in simple vocal harmonies, calming guitar riff and emotive lyrics to make you sit up and lose yourself in their music. It’s minimalism done right and it’s certainly a stellar debut.

JUICYPEAR – Rollercoaster

So when I found out that Rollercoaster by JUICYPEAR was written during their wedding planning season and how crazy it can be I shrugged it off thinking it’s not than hard, then I remembered helping my friends plan their wedding for an afternoon and wanting pull my hair out… so yeah this is accurate. However this song focuses more on the highs that will follow, with lyricisms detailing the journey that is to follow with the jubilant melodies and addictive groovy production making this feel like a celebration we need to experience for ourselves.

Jada Imani – Hold On

I’m a sucker for when people bring retro sounds in the modern era by adding their own personal flair to it and Jada Imani has done that effortlessly in her soulful new track Hold On. The soundscape is lush with this 80’s neo-soul production that I adore, however it’s her vocal that leaves me breathless with her divine tone that has an air of Amy Winehouse mixed with Macy Gray about it. Combine all that with some chilled melodies that send you into a state of bliss and you’ve got my new addiction.


When you have four rising rap artists collaborating then you know you’re in for a treat and damn have these boys gone hard in this track. Production wise this is something else, it’s bloody incredible with these hard-hitting beats with a raw grime edge to them reverberating throughout my body as the track plays and then you’ve got the rapping which is some of the best stuff I’ve heard each of these artists do. This is one of those collaborations that’s gonna be remembered years from now, but right now it’s a serious banger that I’m looping for next week straight.

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