The Ensemble #20

Poindexter – Jeopardy

When a track opens with the music from Jeopardy then you immediately know you’re going to be in for something rather unique, especially when you have Poindexter coming in with a frenzied rap flow that takes a staple of day time television and turns it into a hip hop anthem. This Indiana based artist is known for pushing musical boundaries and this is living, breathing proof of this and damn did he go hard on this track! A high spirited number that’s going to be played like hell in my office.

AKA Lui – Pushing Me Aside

I’m always a sucker for when people bring retro sound into the modern era by adding their own individual flair to the nostalgic soundscape, in walks AKA Lui who does this with such precision that you it’s hard not to fall for his music. Pushing Me Aside takes indie disco music that has been getting more and more popular over the past few years and adds an 80’s nostalgia to it that’s reminiscent of Huey Lewis as well as a soulful edge that is the cherry on top of this whole nostalgia ladened affair.

ME+L – Outside

I hadn’t heard of ME+L until I recently stumbled across their debut EP titled Her & The City Vol 1 and I instantly began gravitating towards their sound the second Outside began playing. The vigorous production of fervent beats has a magnetic quality to it that pulls you in and refuses to let go before the intense rapping delivers candid lyricisms that make an instant connection that has me slowly becoming a devout member of the ME+L fanbase.

BEBELUNA – Who Are You

With woozy guitar melodies and an earnest vocal BEBELUNA details through to thought provoking lyricisms about how we all begin to realise when we’re young that change is eternal. We have a vision of what we believe we’ll be when we’re 18 but soon realise that it’s a completely false reality we’re envisioning, the classic coming of age tale. Her ethereal vocals, candid lyrics and mesmerising bedroom pop production capture all of this whilst making you sit up late a night contemplating what will change next.

torr – Cute

Hyper Pop isn’t a trend anymore with hundreds upon thousands of artists adding their very own twist to the sound with each being more distinct that the last. Torr’s take on the sound sees him add this a bubblegum pop sensibility to the piece which harbours this childlike wonder that makes this track so utterly jubilant that it’s hard not to smile from ear to ear as the buoyant melodies begin to take over your body. It’s a joyous affair that is perfect for if you’re ever feeling down or need a pick me up.

The Regime – Deuzy Vibe

A 20+ piece funk band is not something I was ever expecting to feature on this site but The Regime have such a community spirit with their music and project in general that it’s hard not to lose yourself within their rhythmic soundscape of intoxicating melodies and slick bassline riffs. It’s equal parts modern and nostalgic with their sound having an air of James Brown about it whilst also featuring some more contemporary influences like Jungle. They’re a party machine in the making with an addictive sound that I’m falling head over heels for.

Hvnnibvl – X2CU

Hvnnibvl is a chart topping musicians in the making with him having a natural ability to create animated pieces of pop music with blithe synth melodies and hooks that wriggle their way into the deepest crevasse of your brain to the point where you know they’re never getting out. X2CU is a number 1 single in the making with a sanguine attitude mixed with a florescent production of scintillating synths and a lush vocal tone. Expect to hear this on the radio airwaves soon.

Austin Ward – Let Me Go

From the second this track started I got transported back to my own adolescence with the slick production being reminiscent of the tracks I loved during my youth and that’s actually what I love the most about Austin Ward’s sound. He brings an undeniable youthfulness to his music that makes you feel like you’re the main character in your own coming of age movie. You play this song whilst walking down the road and you begin strutting more confidently and feel like you can take on anything that this world can throw at you.

DEWEY – Is It Infatuation

If you’re a fan of the French musician Jain then I think DEWEY is going to be right up your street with her unique brand of alternative pop taking infectious tribal beats with house melodies and fusing them with her charming vocal. This is the type of single that is made for those long car rides down to the coast during the height of the summer with your best friends by your side as the warm inviting melodies send a blissful energy through your body to make the day one to remember. Add this to your playlist ASAP!

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