Faye Meana – Stuck in the Middle

Faye Meana is an artist you absolutely need to have on your radar. The London-born and raised singer, songwriter, and producer has given us a plethora of amazing tracks filled with different vibes and production styles. You may be familiar with tracks such as “Giving It In” and “Patience” which amounted to millions of streams across Spotify. For now, we’ll focus on her latest track “Stuck In The Middle”. 

This single is clearly 80’s inspired, it has a dance/electronic style production reminiscent of classic 80’s production. With Faye’s voice blending effortlessly to the beat feeling as though it is one with the music, her voice is truly an instrument. The vibe of this song could fit many occasions, it reminds me of the main character moments that you see in TV and movies. Something to listen to on your walk, getting ready for a night out, or just hanging out around the house. 

Lyrically the track is quite literally about being “Stuck in the middle”. She seems to be recounting a love interest or previous relationship that she can’t fully let go of. She’s stuck in the middle between holding on and letting go of this person. The chorus “I’m stuck in the middle with you / I’m stuck in the middle because I don’t know how” shows us the theme of the track. It seems that the relationship she talks about was something that evoked a euphoric feeling, near perfect, making it hard to let go of.

Faye Meana is an honest talent she’s got a beautiful voice, no boundaries in which direction she may take her music, and has so many amazing tracks already released. She has a collection of singles and EP’s I highly recommend. Besides what’s been mentioned, a few of my favorites are “Better Than Her”, “Anywhere”, and “Unrequited Love”. I encourage you to explore her music and pick a favorite for your chill bedroom pop playlist.

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