dreamfone – drunk & venting

In their debut single the L.A duo dreamfone make you feel like you’re apart of an early 2000’s coming of age movie montage with their euphoric sound that injects serotonin straight into your body, giving you an exhilarating high that only their rhapsodic sound can bring. Their ecstasy inducing melodies in drunk & venting make you want to go on an adventure into the unknown, grabbing your partner or crushes hand and pulling them along for the ride as the coruscating production lights your way. Amidst the jubilation of the soundscape however is an emotionally ladened lyrical core, accentuated by the striking juxtaposition, there’s a heartbroken narrative about the aftermath of a relationship, still feeling that you and your ex should be taking on the world together, despite the odds held against you. Creating a euphoric whirlwind of emotion that blends jubilation with sorrow through a mesmerising soundscape a high octane atmosphere of uplifting shimmering synths, an emotionally driven vocal flair and intoxicating melodies that make you feel as if you’re on top of the world. Unshakable longing and an elevating production, whatever your mood this debut will make you smile and cry your eyes out.

With this debut, dreamfone have started to craft something special. A sound that lets people lose their emotions within their melodies, find solace within their heartfelt lyrical sentiment and, most importantly, uplift them when they’re feeling down. Unleash all your emotion or dance around like no one is watching.

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