One of the most interesting talents coming out of Scotland right now has to be James Gillespie who can mesmerise an entire audience with just his guitar a emotive and husky vocal. He doesn’t need a huge show surrounding him to make his music worth seeing live, all he needs to do is play and let the music do the talking.

The upcoming singer songwriter recently came out with a new track called Him.Her. that sees him continue to evoke sheer amounts of emotion with his poetic lyrics. His guitar leads the production with robust drums enhancing the impact of the chorus but toward the end their is an synthesiser added that creates a unique dynamic between the raw and raspy vocals of Gillespie and the clean cut synth. It’s just effortlessly beautiful.

Now with the title being Him.Her. you can probably guess it’s going to be about love. Gillespie wrote this track about two people who love each other so much that they cannot bare to be apart from one another. This is shown perfectly with Gillespie effortlessly cooing the lyrics, “And I hope you’re still mine.”

James Gillespie, a man who is destined to do great things and have people across the world crying there eyes out with his emotionally enthralling music.

“Him.Her. is the story of two people that can’t be apart. Even when they know how different they are and that everything is against them, they can’t be without each other. Like a moth to the flame. There is no other way.” – James Gillespie

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