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The Staves Christmas special, featuring holiday classics like “Home Alone Too”



Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 21.30.17.png

With a single cover that looks like something straight out of a Brady Bunch or Full House Christmas special combined with a melancholy track that focuses on the heartbreak surrounding the holiday season, The Staves have certainly gotten into the festive spirit, that’s for sure! Also they need to send that cover out to family and friends as their band Christmas card.

Home Alone Too, a great play on words, avoids the tropes that come with the most Christmas music and focuses more on a relationship ending around that time of year and how the holiday doesn’t seem as magical anymore. The Staves have enchanting harmonies throughout the track, that would’ve been replaced with a children’s choir had this been released by anyone else, with the magical production enhancing these vocals further with the calming guitar and alluring brass section not taking attention away from them.

Whilst The Staves are not the usual band you’d expect to write a Christmas song, they’ve managed to put their own stamp on the festive on the holiday season. Certainly one to play on the long journey home this Christmas.

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